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Windows Live SSO from Moodle!


July 2010
- Incubator project
- Use your PFX file!


- Windows Live uses a set of SOAP based Passport Web Services to obtain a short lived token (SLT) using a method known as GetSLT. GetSLT is secured using Client Certificate's and requires the TLS connection undergoes mutual authentication
- In order to make a TLS connection, Java must have access to a private key and a set of certificates from trusted Root and Intermediate CAs. Java requires the private key is located in the native format keystore known as Java Key Store (JKS). Both the keystore and private key must have the same password and all intermediate certificates must be present.


- Use the PFX file supplied by the Partner Center
- Import to IE – double click in Windows Explorer – make sure you stipulate the private key is exportable and to use extended properties
- Export from IE. Check the option to include all intermediate certificates and extended properties and save with a password

Install the Moodle block


- Ensure you've validated against the official SSO Toolkit first!
- Confirm you're using a PFX file with a Certificate

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